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Problems With Final Permanent Teeth in 24-Hours

A Must Read if You're Considering Final Permanent Dental Implant Teeth in 24-Hours

Does final permanent dental implant teeth in 24-hours seem too good to be true? Like most things in life, it always is.

Getting final permanent dental implant teeth in 24-hours can sound great, but the reality can be MUCH DIFFERENT and lead to long term speech problems, chronic inflammation, and even dental implant failure.

Just because something can be done, doesn't mean that it should be done.

Read below (estimated 30 seconds) for advice on what they don't tell you that will save you time, money, and headache.

Why Getting Final Permanent Teeth in 24-Hours Is a Bad Idea

  • More expensive, despite cutting corners
  • Rushed process
  • Immediate results at the expense of long term success
  • Unable to preview the look of your teeth and make suggestions
  • Gaps will develop under the teeth as the gums heal
  • No ability to test the teeth and provide feedback
  • Speech issues
  • Bite issues
  • Cookie cutter approach to final permanent teeth
Gap Under Final Permanent 24-Hour Teeth

More Expensive, Despite Cutting Corners

Some providers will cut corners and rush the process to "save time". The reality is, the only time they are saving is their own.

Unfortunately, this is at your expense and leads to compromised results. This will cost you more time and money in the long run than getting it right the first time.

Does it make sense to pay more for less work?

Immediate Results at the Expense of Long Term Success

Unfortunately, you won't realize the truth in this advice until months or even years down the road when it's too late.

Scanning your mouth immediately after surgery with swollen gums and stitches makes it impossible to obtain an accurate, long-term fit for final permanent teeth in 24-hours. 

Without a crystal ball, there is no way to predict how your gums will change in the coming days, weeks, or even months after surgery. A best guess is made on how to shape and design your teeth.

This is NOT GOOD if they’re your FINAL permanent teeth. Sadly, offices that rush you into FINAL permanent teeth in 24-hours may not have your best interest in mind.

Many providers can make final permanent teeth in 24-hours or less, but there are plenty of reasons not to.

Gap Under Final Permanent 24-Hour Teeth
Perfect Fit In Final Permanent Teeth

Unable to Preview the Looks of Your Teeth and Make Suggestions

How can you accurately evaluate the look of your final permanent teeth 24-hours after having surgery?

Imagine still having some numbness, swelling, and soreness from your procedure and being asked approve the look of the teeth you will be wearing for the rest of your life.

Space Will Develop Between the Teeth and Gums as You Heal

If you've ever had a tooth removed, you've probably noticed how the area changed over time. This is because it takes months for the area to fully heal.

With final permanent teeth in 24-hours, the gums will shrink over time as they heal to a new healthy state. This shrinkage will create a space between the teeth and the gums.

The only way to close this space after you have received your final permanent teeth in 24-hours is with "patch work". This involves gluing material to the inside of the teeth that will trap bacteria and stain that can lead to bad breath, food trapping, and inflammation.

This is just one reason why your FINAL permanent implant teeth should be made AFTER healing is complete.

Final Same Day Teeth Patch Work

No Ability to Test Your Teeth and Provide Feedback

Most patients undergoing this procedure have struggled with dental issues for years. Getting a full set of teeth again can require some adjustment. Careful evaluation by your doctor is required to ensure you have optimal chewing, speaking, and esthetics.

By getting FINAL permanent teeth in 24-hours, this evaluation period is skipped and you lose the ability to provide valuable feedback to ensure there are no issues with chewing, speaking, and esthetics.

Cookie Cutter Approach to Final Permanent Teeth

Unfortunately, corporate chain dental offices will design your teeth at an offsite dental laboratory that services multiple locations.

These technicians never meet or see you and rush to make teeth overnight.

This rushed process doesn't allow you to preview or have a say in your final permanent teeth.

So...What Is The Solution?

The Q4 Implant Solution

Our revolutionary Q4 system allows us to provide beautiful SAME DAY Permanent Teeth AND Final Permanent Teeth AFTER healing.

Q4 allows you to enjoy a functional healthy new smile from day one while also delivering results that can last a lifetime!

  • More affordable, transparent all-inclusive price
  • Lifetime guarantee!
  • Same day permanent teeth (NO DENTURES)
  • Final permanent teeth AFTER healing (Yes, 2 sets of permanent teeth!)
  • Immediate results AND long term success
  • No gaps under your final permanent teeth
  • Ability to provide feedback and make changes
  • Optimal chewing, speaking, and esthetics
  • Entire procedure completed under one roof by one doctor
  • In-house dental lab
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Unmatched Affordability with a True Lifetime Guarantee!

There aren't a lot of guarantees in life, but here's one you can count on!
We stand behind what we do. That's why our final Zirconia teeth come with a Lifetime guarantee.

Take comfort in knowing you are getting the best care and highest quality materials on the market at an affordable price.

At Quality Denture and Implant Center, we believe in transparent, upfront pricing that includes EVERYTHING from start to finish. Including SAME DAY permanent teeth AND Final permanent teeth after healing.

Immediate Results Without Compromising Long Term Success

Our cutting-edge technology and in-house dental lab allow us to precisely place your implants AND permanent teeth in the SAME DAY. 

It may not sound like much, but getting new teeth the SAME DAY (and not 24-hours later) allows us to provide you with a more comfortable experience while also allowing your tissues to heal better and quicker!

Going home WITHOUT teeth the day of surgery can lead to more inflammation, swelling, bruising, bleeding, and pain.

Our revolutionary Q4 system allows us to get you beautiful SAME DAY permanent teeth AND FINAL permanent teeth.

Q4 allows you to enjoy a functional, healthy new smile from day one with results that can last a lifetime!

Other Office "Temp" Teeth
Q4 Same Day Permanent Teeth Quality Denture and Implant Center

Gaps Under Final Permanent Teeth Are Bad

Gaps are bad and here is why: 

Your gums WILL shrink after surgery, as they heal to a new healthy state.

This will lead to "gaps" under the first set of permanent implant teeth.

These gaps need to be closed AFTER healing to prevent food trapping, speech issues, and make your teeth easy to clean. 

There are two choices to close the space after healing:
1. Some providers will use "patch work" to fill in the gap AFTER healing is complete.
2. Make another final set of permanent teeth AFTER healing for the BEST fit, function, and long-lasting results. Many providers will charge extra for a second set of permanent implant teeth. With Q4, we're able to provide this to all of our patients at NO EXTRA COST!

Ability to Provide Feedback and Make Changes

Many of our patients have spent years with missing teeth.

They have come up with work arounds to smiling and eating with missing teeth. 

The ability to wear an initial set of permanent teeth is INVALUABLE to you and your dentist in creating a final set of teeth that will look, feel and function perfectly.

We encourage patient input in the design of their teeth. This allows us to fully customize and characterize your final permanent teeth.

Q4 Quality Denture and Implant Center Final Zirconia Permanent Teeth

Entire Procedure Under One Roof

Thanks to our in-house dental lab and cutting edge 3D technology, we’re able to complete your surgery with extreme precision and give you SAME DAY permanent teeth in as little as 4 hours!

Our revolutionary Q4 workflow has streamlined the entire process to save you time and money so that you can spend more time enjoying a happy and healthy new smile.

EVERYTHING is performed in one location, by one doctor, at one price (no hidden costs). 

The Q4 Implant Solution

The Q4 Implant Solution

Step 1: Same Day Permanent Teeth

We understand that no one likes going to the dentist. Your dental implants are precisely placed and permanent teeth securely attached under sedation for maximum comfort. With our revolutionary Q4 system, your life can be transformed with a permanent new smile in as little as 4 hours!

Step 2: Check ups

Your doctor will see you periodically for check-ups after the surgery. You will wear your same day permanent teeth while the dental implants and gums fully heal to a stable, long-term position.

Step 3: Final Permanent Teeth Design

We customize your final permanent teeth after careful evaluation by your doctor and with YOUR input. Your final permanent teeth will fit, feel, and function perfectly to your healed gums for long term success.

Step 4: Final Permanent Teeth Insertion

Your custom final permanent teeth will be attached to your dental implants. You can enjoy the foods you love, smile with confidence, and enjoy a better quality of life!

How Do I Get Started?

The start of your permanent smile restoration begins with a FREE consultation and 3D scan with one of our highly trained and experienced doctors. Call or schedule online today!

ONE Doctor, ONE Team, ONE location, ONE fee for your care. NO MORE going to different offices and having different doctors involved for your specialized care!

Better Smile, Better Quality of Life

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How Much Does The Q4 Implant Solution Cost?

Single Arch (Upper OR Lower) - $25,999 $15,999

Zirconia Upgrade (Per Arch)- $8999 $3,499

**Lifetime Zirconia Teeth Guarantee**

Includes: Sedation, Dental Extractions, Dental Implants, Same Day Permanent Teeth, Final Permanent Teeth, and Custom Night Guard
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